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When it comes to public speaking, many of us are spooked from the outset

  • Who is my audience?

  • How big is my audience?

  • Do I need to make them laugh?

  • How long should I speak for?

  • What should I include - and leave out?

  • Do I need slides, video... pyrotechnics...?

Add a television crew into the mix for a quick interview on the evening bulletins and it is enough to turn the coolest of customers into jelly.


With us, you can learn how to perform with complete confidence in print, radio and TV interviews, at press conferences and industry gatherings. 


Every course is customised - tell us who you want to train and why and we will prepare you in a targeted way.

Our trainers are well-known and respected journalists who work, or have worked, for Sky News, CNBC, CNN, the BBC and national newspapers. 


They are superb communicators in their own right and work regularly with a wide range of people including CEOs, senior politicians, celebrities, sporting heroes and charity representatives through to young professionals starting out on their career path. 

Courses take place in studios in Central London, or at your offices wherever you are located, in the UK or overseas



  • Media training

  • Presentation & Performance training

  • Crisis Media training

  • Storytelling

  • Focussed refresher sessions ahead of results/investor days/conferences



  • What makes news

  • How to prepare 

  • How to take control and communicate what you want to say

  • How to anticipate and handle tricky questions

  • Voice coaching and body language

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